Fun Ideas Every Bride & Groom Should Do At Their Wedding


  1. Take A Selfie: Face it, selfies are fun; wedding selfie or Us’ie (Group Selfie)  are even better! Capture the moment with your new spouse and loved ones. After your first kiss is a perfect time to turn the camera on your guests. If you are a selfie veteran get daring and record yourselves running down the aisle. These amusing and original photographs will make you smile for years to come. Tip: for successful group Us’ie: Align your camera lens with the eyes of the people on the front row.8510f3ba758e397d419ad1b264eb6379
  2. Write a heartfelt letter: with tons of exciting nerves coursing through your body why not take a moment to capture the energy and write your bride or groom a letter sharing your thoughts and feelings. For all the brides I have had the pleasure of glamming up, this tradition never fails to fill me up with tears. These letters make a great keepsake and look fabulous in a pretty frame. d919682d7ea5c8169ada0778abbf0cb9
  3. Have your florist design your bouquet in the same style as your mother’s. This special statement will be sure to fill your day with ever more love. Best of all, these are how family traditions are made, and perhaps one day your daughter will do the same for you. Toronto-hair-extensions
  4. Give your guests a laugh! Wedding games are a great way to help your new family meet and greet your family. My husband and I once attended a friend’s wedding where there was a dancing Wedding Dice Game! Here are the rules to this fun game.

What you’ll need:

2 big fuzzy dice

A dance floor



The dice are placed on the dance floor once the rules are announced by your DJ. The rules are very simple. One guest from a table enters the dance floor to initiate the game. They roll the dice; the number that the dice land is associated with the now opposing table number who the dance off will be against. The Dj will play a 30-second song and whichever table wins the dance off (based on the loudest cheers) gets a gift or a big round of applause. Fun right?


5. What’s worse than coming back to an empty glass of wine? well waiting in line for a new one. Evermine has solved the             problem with these cute custom coasters that help people keep their drinks while dancing! Now let the party begin.


6. Help your bridesmaids glow! I always remind my brides that lightly exfoliated skin is the perfect canvas for bridal makeup. This goes for makeup for bridesmaids aswell. So why not treat your bridesmaids who will have their makeup professionally done with some homemade exfoliant to slush away those dead skin cells.  Here’s a simple recipe that you will use for years to come.

Bridal Glow Exfoliant:

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/8 cup coconut or olive oil (cold press is best!)

1 tsp turmeric powder

Leave a comment below and share your wedding day traditions and ideas. Happy wedding day!

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