Beauty Trends 2017: Maintain Your Glam All Year Round!

Beauty Trends 2017

Before we say good by to 2016 let’s discuss which beauty trends were taking with us into 2017. This is our official round up for Beauty Trends 2017!

Microblading Beauty Trends 2017:

Oh, yea brows have been on fleek in 2016 and microbladed eyebrows last up to 2 years. Microblading, HDBrows or Feather Brows are a semi-permanent tattoo treatment is done by using a micro-fine blade that mimics hair strokes. What is the end result? Fuller, more shapely brows. (click here for more about microblading)

Hair Extensions:

Let’s face it everyone needs a bit of a pump when it comes to their hair. Weather you like to clip them in, sew them in, or micro-bead them in; Hair extensions are defiantly coming with us into 2017 (and forever more.) (click here more about extensions)

Natural Makeup:

Yes, it’s true heavy contour is DONE! And so it should be. Cake face is not pretty ladies and gents, its thick and unattractive up close. Makeup should be used to enhance your natural features, not cover up, change, alter, disguise, and hide behind. Self-love and enhancing your natural beauty is deff coming along with us into 2017.

Lip Color:

2016 was huge for Lips! Whether you just had them plumped up, bought a Kylie Lip Kit or finally tried a red lip. Fabulously sheer and bold lips are oh so 2017.

Skin Care:

Anti-aging, acne-clearing and deep cleansing routines are less complicated than ever before. Thanks to our fab friends Sephora, skincare to target you skin care needs has never been easier. 2017 is deff going to be a skin happy year.

Self Love:

Self love is the best beauty product one can have. Best of all it’s free. Self acepentnce and appreciation is the key to feeling beautiful. So leave self sabotaging, negative abusive self talk in 2016 and walk into 2017 feeling great!

I hope our Beauty Trends 2017 will help you maintain your fabulous! I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season and a fabulous 2017 ❤