Bridal Makeup Do’s & Dont’s |Toronto Makeup Artist

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Finding the perfect look for your wedding day can be difficult, so I have put together a few Do’s & Don’ts to help you out!


    •  Know what you want:  As a makeup artist when I first meet my new brides I immediately look at facial symmetry, features, tones, skin texture and so on. My brain, then starts to create the look that will suit them even before my brush touches their skin. To help my vision meet my clients vision, visual aids such as images or color palettes are a tremendous help. They help artists such as myself work, within the client’s comfort zone and opens the line of creative communication. With this being said, NEVER go to your trial and tell your artist “I don’t know what I want” you must give us a starting point and some direction. After all, we are artists, not psychics. 
    • For the love of  lipstick, try something new: Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking ‘ Why on this green earth would I want to try something new for my big day!’ That is why you have a makeup trial- to try a new look that you will love and something new for your partner to enjoy as well. You may not love everything your artist suggests, but hopefully you will have a MUA that you trust. I always ask my clients to keep an open mind, and often to wear the look for a day (your trial day is also a perfect time to book your engagement photos or plan a girls night out)  and then follow up with any alterations they may have. 9 times out of 10 they love what they thought they hated. 
    • Find a MUA with media background: Weddings are not cheap and you definitely get what you pay for with your vendors. Great photographers can range anywhere from $2000- $6000. With that price range you need to be sure your MUA has some type of background in media. This training will help your artist create a look that not only looks great in person (and non cakey) but translate beautifully in photos and video. 



  • No drastic last minute changes! Most professional makeup atrists will either draw a face chart or take pictures of your trial for their files, along with notes on any alterations you decided on during your follow up conversation. This is the look you should stick to, don’t go flipping through magazines the night before and find a new makeup look to surprise your MUA with. Slight alterations that are still within the overall look you had during your trial are fine. However, requesting a completely new look is never a good idea for your big day.
  • Don’t opt out of purchasing a touch up kit: Bridal makeup touch up kits can be put together with your MUA and I always recommend them to my clients. They generally consist of a blotting powder, blotting sheets, lipstick, lip liner, eyeliner, and I always add a few extra treats for my brides :). You’re going to need these products if you haven’t hired your artist to stay the evening to touch up your makeup.
  • Don’t leave your trial without signing a contract: Personlaly, I only confirm the wedding dates after a contract has been signed. I only hold non-contracted wedding dates for 3 days after a makeup trial, so it’s always best to finalize your booking right away if you want to hire your MUA. I have had so many brides upset that they weren’t able to have me do their wedding makeup and hair because they waited too long to finalize the booking. Most brides try to do a bit of shopping around before they sign, which is understandable, do keep in mind you get what you pay for. Makeup artistry is an art, instead of painting on canvas I/we paint on faces- I do not believe it’s something that can be fully taught in school and the best artists have an innate ability to transform someones face using makeup in the most natural way. 

I hope these tips help and please do leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or tips you would like to share with our brides.