HAIR and MAKE-UP preparation


HAIR and MAKE-UP preparation is important for your wedding trial as well as for your wedding day. Follow these simple HAIR and MAKE-UP preparation tips and you will be sure to look your very best.
Hair Prep: Hair prep is just as important as skin prep to achieve and maintain your desired look. Unless otherwise discussed, have your hair clean and dry the night before your trial and wedding day. Hair conditioner can often weigh down your hair, so be sure when washing your hair to only apply a small amount of conditioner from mid-lengths to ends, avoiding the root area. If your hair is naturally slippery, skip conditioner altogether.
Avoid applying silicone-based products that will weigh down your hair, such as hair glosses and serums.
Use a blow dryer to smooth your hair after washing it. Avoid using hot tools such as a flat iron and curling irons.
Make-up Prep: The night before use a mild exfoliant to help slush away dead skin cells and to create a smooth canvas for your makeup application.
Don\’t forget to exfoliate your lips! Moisturized and exfoliated lips are key in having kissable soft lips for your wedding (wink). A simple lip scrub can be made by mixing equal parts of sugar and honey. Mix well, and apply using your finger in a circular motion. Remove using a soft cloth.
In addition to the above instructions, also bring the following to your Makeup and Hair Trial: Any hair accessories that you plan on wearing for your wedding. Bring pictures of make-up and hair looks you love for inspiration and try and choose photos that are consistent with your own hair and facial features. Lastly, try wearing a color similar to your gown will help you better envision your bridal look on your wedding day