Juice Your Skincare… Recipes |Toronto Makeup Artist

I love juicing! It’s super easy with my handy Breville Juicer, and I really enjoy visiting the farmers market on the weekends here in Toronto. I’m so involved, that along with planning my weekly meals I also plan my juices.

I first started juicing for overall health, but to be honest I think I continue juicing because of the way it makes me glow.

Antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients are what give produce anti-aging properties. Since these are so beneficial, juicing on a regular basis has amazing benefits to reduce the signs of aging and aids in overall health. Many people who find it difficult maintaining a balanced diet love the ease of juicing so give it a try.

 Here are my top three anti-aging juicing recipes for you, and some of the best fruits and vegetables for anti-aging.

anti aging fruit

anti aging recipe

At the end of the day all we can do is PRAY we age gracefully, look at our new lines with the knowing that they are well deserved and show signs of wisdom…

Actually- to hell with that! I know I’m wise, so whatever I can do to keep those little ugly lines away from the delicate skin around my eyes- Im doing it!

Happy juicing people.