Tips For Your Bridal Trial

Wedding planning as a whole can be overwhelming, not to mention deciding how you would like to look for your wedding day.

After you’ve spent hours finding a hair and makeup artist online whose work you like, the next step is booking a trial.

Your bridal trial is a chance to get to know your artist. Their personality should be similar to yours and you both need to connect on the same level for the vision of how you will look.

Here are a few tips to help you in making the right choice for your glam squad.

1: Do Your Homework

Artists love pictures! They love when brides have done their homework, and bring images of hair and makeup looks that will look great with their own hair and facial features. Being realistic in your glam choices is key. For example, if you have a bob style hair cut and don’t want hair extensions, don’t request a big hair-bun style-It won’t work. So be sure to consider your hair length and thickness when searching your hair styles, and your facial features when searching for bridal makeup looks. 

2. Be Honest and Speak Up

This is a vital part of having a successful bridal trial. Don’t expect your artist to be psychic, yes we have the ability to make you look your best but we all don’t have the ability to read your mind, and to heal insecurities you may have about your appearance. With that being said don’t be shy to ask for adjustments and share your thoughts. Collaborating on your look with your artist is much more fun. 

3. If You Love Your Look Lock Down Your Date

If you love your artist and your beauty look be sure to discuss how to confirm your wedding date. I always recommend placing a deposit and signing an agreement. Agreements help you confirm your prices and the details and expectations for both your artist as well as yourself. If you choose to wait to confirm, don’t expect your artist to hold your date. Most time artists will assume that a bride isn’t interested. So be sure to communicate a reasonable time frame if you need time to confirm the number of ladies, budget and so on.